Nusa Penida is located about 15 kms south of Bali. It is the main island, and is completed by those of Lembogan and Ceningan in the north/west. The islands count 60.000 inhabitants (have a look at our “KUBU GANESH guide “ !)
Many are those who say that Nusa Penida is what used to be Bali 60 years ago. With barely any car, inhabitants are more reserved than in Bali but always happy to salute a foreigner. Life is simple and authentic. A few steps away from the guesthouse, we discover again all the little things that the modern world seems to have forgotten or lost.
Beach, swimming and snorkeling (Penida-Cristal bay)

Funds submarines exceptional and very accessible submarines (Sampalan point)

The large areas of south west (Tabuana)

Tropical forest and water fall (Tembiling)

The wonderfull cliffs of the west coast (around Banah point)

Little pieces of dream in Pasi Uwug ...

... or in Atuh

The calm and tranquility of an unspoiled island (KUBU GANESH Guesthouse)

Unlike Bali, rich of its rice fields, thanks to lots of rain on most the island and thanks to its paradisiac myth generating much revenues from tourism, Nusa Penida is living from fishing, alguae cultures and a little agriculture, all catering for the local market (Tourism began its chant on Nusa Penida in 2014).
The Hinduist culture is directing the way of life of all these islands, which grants such a special rhythm to life here.
Miscellaneous: The local language is the Indonesian Bahasa- completed by a dialect only used in Nusa Penida. English is not common, but do not worry, we always end up understanding each other. We will give you the tools to communicate through signs and smiles.
The local currency is the Indonesian Rupee. Beware that Nusa Penida does not have any ATM Machine. Nevertheless, you will find ATM machines in Sanur, before embarking to the island of Nusa Penida. Payment by Visa and Mastercards are accepted at Kubu Ganesh.

What to do & what to see :